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Type 2 Diabetes resources

I was born and brought up on newsgroups. Unfortunately, and are mere shadows of their former selves: like most of usenet they have been taken over by trolls, fsckwits and people with varying degrees of personality disorder

There’s still a wealth of information on asd but you have to dig through a LOT of garbage to find it. Killfiles are your friend.

Here is the all time BEST piece of information I read

Test Test Test

which is available also from many other sites and has been so since 2002. There’s an edited version available as a downloadable pdf on Jenny’s site, ideal for printing out and handing around, or leaving in your doctor’s waiting room, and available in US or world numbers.

Several of the better posters there have gone on to other things.

Two excellent blogs



who also has a website which is essential reading and is also published as a book

Here’s another, D-Solve, which is also pretty essential reading. The How To’s are written by a maverick doctor with a Type 1 son, and like Jenny’s site there are a wealth of links to useful papers.

David Mendosa’s site also makes essential reading. It is HUGE though, and links to most everywhere of use. You can spend days there.

There are far too many other worthwhile sites to list. Sadly there are not a few really crap ones, and much the same is true of forums.

Here’s a relatively recent UK forum dedicated to low carbing.

This one contains many of the escapees from the newsgroups, and has a solid body of information as well as the forums and blogs.

The information pages here are frankly recycled rubbish, but the forums are excellent. However like many places there is a small and ever changing group of anti-low-carb trolls causing constant disruption, so expect some noise. They are discouraged my the mods but encouraged by the administrator. Go figure.

Some of said trolls went and formed this, and another one which doesn’t help much is the Official Diabetes UK forum . Having said which, there does appear to have been a slight change in that it used to be forbidden to discuss changing your diet for the better, among other subjects, and there was actually a massive thread about low carbing recently. Both these forums tend towards the

“Hello! I’m a diabetic!”

“So are we! <hugs>” type of support rather than anything practical.

US/World forums? Well frankly, take your pick! The ADA Forum is probably the best part of the site. Unlike the DUK version it is effectively NOT controlled in terms of content, it may not go into so much technical detail as some of the other forums, but there are sure as hell a huge number of success stories. I would tend to avoid DLife as being oversimplistic. I think I’ll ask the opinions of a few other people as to which of the other forums are better, my memory is not what it was (it used to be a memory, now it’s, um, er,  one of those round things with holes in)


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  1. "Dobbs" said, on September 17, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    thank you Trinkwasser! thank God for somebody who talks sense and with such wit and style! Good luck with the blog and keep up the good work, it’s very motivational for “recovering” diabetics (almost wrote alcoholics) like me!

    • trinkwasser said, on September 17, 2009 at 9:22 pm

      You’re welcome!

      Damn, I suppose that means I need to finish adding to the resources list then. Check out some of the blogs and sites I’ve already listed and you’ll find most of the ones I’m going to link to listed there. When you start to look it’s amazing how much good information is out there, and amazing in a totally different way how internally consistent it is, and how out of step with Conventional Wisdom.

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