The Hypocritic Oath


This is the story of my medical horror story and what I did to escape from the clutches of clueless Medical Professionals.

Also it will serve as somewhere I can organise my collection of research papers, principally on the subjects of Type 2 Diabetes and 21st Century dietary/metabolic research (which differs significantly from 20th Century dogma).

Also of course it will serve to provide links to other relevant blogs and forums, of which there are many.

IMPORTANT! Not all doctors are clueless, in fact there are some highly clueful ones. By far the saddest thing is when doctors are actively prevented from being clueful by non-medically-qualified people at PCTs, NICE etc. It’s tragic to hear the same story

“Yes obviously a low carb diet is a good idea but I’m not allowed to tell you that!”

“Yes obviously testing your blood sugar is important but I’m not permitted to prescribe test strips”

“Yes obviously all your numbers have improved markedly but I’m not allowed to encourage you to do what’s working, only to tell you to eat a low fat diet”

Hence the blog’s title: at some time in the not too distant past the Hippocratic Oath was changed from

“First do no harm”


“First spend no money”

without anyone telling us.

If I was paranoid I’d believe that a doctor’s main function is to remove everyone who is carbohydrate intolerant from the gene pool as cheaply as possible.

Ronnie Laing may not have got much right but he was spot on when he pointed out that there is no word for someone who believes they are not being persecuted when in fact they are.


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  1. Dr. Warren said, on September 1, 2009 at 12:06 am

    As a U.S. primary care doc who tries very hard to be “highly clueful”, I find your post very amusing. But also a bit horrifying – is it true that your docs are actually prevented from using their own brains, judgement, and experience when advising patients, and instead have to recite “the company line?” Goodness, I hope the U. S. isn’t heading in that direction. It is hard enough chasing the drug company reps out of the office, and sorting through journal papers to see which authors are paid off by drug companies; I couldn’t bear also having to have my mouth gagged by the government!

  2. trinkwasser said, on September 1, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Sadly yes, if you read enough diabetes forums you’ll see such stories. There’s a “systems approach” to medicine which they claim is “evidence based”. Huge quantities of bureaucrats, having comprehensively wrecked manufacturing industry, have sought gainful employment in the medical industry and come up with NICE

    which obviously isn’t!

    Then on top of that you have PCTs (Primary Care Trusts), kinda like National Health Service HMOs, which hold the local purse strings and dictate formularies and the like.

    So you end up with the situation where I am forbidden test strips, while a friend down the road can get as many as she needs. But she can’t get decent thyroid treatment which I could if I needed it. Things like the ability to get cancer treatment or Avastin/Lucentis for AMD vary widely from area to area, and these decisions are largely made by non-medically-trained people on grounds of “cost”, and doctors who try to override these decisions on the grounds of medical necessity can be and have been disciplined.

    Scary eh? It seems our NHS has learned from your HMOs, and I hope the process doesn’t go into reverse with the pending changes in the US.

    Having said which there are some maverick doctors who try and succeed in bucking the system, John Briffa, Malcolm Kendrick and Katharine Morrison among others, and plenty who will give decent advice “off the record”.

    I just found a complaint on this very subject which gives you some idea of what doctors are up against

    I’ll check out your site and blog in a bit but first I need to stock up on saturated fat and vegetables . . .

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