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Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on March 15, 2010

OK after a sarcastic post I should do some more serious stuff.

I have one as yet uncompleted which I was going to call “Good Science, Bad Science” but I think it’s going to turn into a series, I keep turning up more relevant stuff

Then I was going to do one about my current theories, but again several people have turned up several more papers I need to re-read and dig into their references.

See, the beauty of a theory, as opposed to a dogma, is that it changes in the face of new evidence, whereas a dogma alters, ignores or statistically manipulates the evidence to fit. Commonplace in the dietary field. People can make an entire career from inhaling the dogma at an early age and regurgitating it until they retire (or die of a heart attack).

One thing I thought of doing was listing some authorities’ papers in chronological order: it stands out that those doing Real Science  change their views significantly over time. Simin Liu is one such, I have high hopes for him now he’s a professor. Frank Hu was another who nearly grasped things, then turned away at the last moment in favour of lipophobia.

Here he is finally “coming out”, aided and abetted by Ron Krauss (so no surprise there then)

Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease

Patty W Siri-Tarino, Qi Sun, Frank B Hu and Ronald M Krauss

Theoretically only the absract is available FOC but I found the pdf here

and I’m now off to read it (I have caffeine and nicotine so will probably be able to comprehend it (grins))

then I’ll hit this one again

Gluttony, sloth and the metabolic syndrome: a roadmap to lipotoxicity

I don’t altogether agree with it, they’ve put several carts before the horses IMO, but there’s some good stuff in there to be cross-fertilised with the good stuff I’m currently delving into on a couple more blogs



Animal Pharm


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  1. Alan S said, on March 15, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    Thanks trink, especially for the url to the sat fat meta-study. And also for the others; I had not read Animal Pharm before. Where do you get the time to read it all?

    I think I’m in love with Lois Jovanavic; just don’t tell her or my wife:)

    • trinkwasser said, on March 16, 2010 at 4:36 am

      “Where do you get the time to read it all?”

      I don’t. Why do you think I’m still up at this time of night?

      Actually I multitask, I have more than one computer, more than one printer and more than one scanner so while I’m doing one thing I’m also doing several others. Even arguing with morons on usenet. Even so I could do with staff.

      “I think I’m in love with Lois Jovanavic; just don’t tell her or my wife:)”

      This Lois Jovanovic?

      Damn, now I have MORE stuff to read (glares)

  2. Judy Barnes Baker said, on May 19, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    I wanted to thank you for reading through my blog posts ( and making comments for two reasons: one, it’s nice to know someone out there is interested in what I have to say, and two, it was through your comments that I found your site. Love it! Keep up the good work. I’ll be a regular visitor.

    Judy Barnes Baker

    • trinkwasser said, on May 19, 2010 at 6:09 pm

      You’re more than welcome! A friend (Nicky) listed your blog on the newsgroup which is where I found you.

      You have some good stuff! Your April 1 post was hysterical, I may just post it to asd to upset the ADA defenders (Beware of incoming trolls if I do)

      I’ve been caught up in a major nonmedical project so I’m not posting much here (or elsewhere) at the moment, so don’t bother being too regular! Normal service will be resumed, er, sometime . . . I’m currently rereading Whole Health Source, collecting useful papers and eating rabbit casserole with purple sprouting broccoli and Chilean Shiraz, a “lifestyle” I thoroughly recommend!

      Keep up the good work!

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