The Hypocritic Oath

If You Are Squeamish Look Away Now

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on February 25, 2010

Whatever bug was offending my guts returned.

My FBG was 5.8 (106) and post breakfast 7.5 (135). Afternoon was 5.8 (106), the same again before dinner and still the same after my meal. Which proves that venison casserole with mushrooms and peppers and masses of purple sprouting broccoli is good stuff.

That night I generated enough gas to power a small town, and the following morning I took a dump so massive that by the time I’d finished I could see small climbing parties roped together ascending the foothills while tiny skiers were slaloming down from the peaks.

Finally that seems to have rid my body of the offending virus/bacteria, my BG dropped rapidly back to normal.

I checked my labs, which my excellent GP had printed out and dropped off for me when she visited my mother, and the bloodcounts looked slightly off – like the BG numbers indicative of an infection.

Despite this I STILL maintain that my health has been better than many others this winter, and significantly better than it used to was, despite my “unhealthy” diet. My immune system seems to catch the infections early and blat them before they become more than minorly irritating: this was an exception.

Since then I discovered yet another hospital not far away was closed to visitors due to Winter Vomiting Bug/norovirus, and a couple of neighbours were also afflicted. One had to take time off work which she almost never does.


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