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Not All Bad News

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on February 10, 2010

My brain is rebooting quite satisfactorily whenever the sun comes out. The trouble is it doesn’t STAY out: a few dull days and



Still, the neighbours’ snowdrops are coming out now and some of the churchyards are bursting into a carpet of white. I have a bunch of crocus corsicus in flower and some of the birds have started to sing again, including a skylark in the back field.

Thinking about it though, since I started controlling my BG I haven’t caught a cold. Well not a proper one, I get the odd snuffle, sneeze and cough and then it goes away without developing further, unlike what has been occurring with some of my friends and neghbours. Also I have avoided the flu for several years.

I did have some sort of digestive upset, it started with pains which appeared to be in my kidneys, first on the right and then worse on the left. Since I was due for tests my GP ran kidney function, and a PSA: both came back normal though the kidney numbers were a bit towards the lower end.

As usually happens, the culprit was not revealed until after I visited the doctor: I developed a pain in the left upper quadrant (unusual as most of my digestive symptoms occur on the right, where I had my cholecystectomy, the old fashioned kind where they open you up like a letterbox from navel to ribcage and delve in with both hands, which may have left some adhesions) which was followed by a case of Johnny Cash Disease (a burning ring of fire).

At that time one of the local hospitals was closed due to Winter Vomiting Virus. We went to the one that wasn’t closed but there’s no guarantee I didn’t pick something up while there.

I now suspect the pains were in the region of my kidneys. This seems to have cleared up now.

I suspect it was some kind of infection because my FBG went up for no apparent reason, and my post-breakfast numbers were also high, coming back to normal later in the day. This is often characteristic of an infection and sometimes occurs before any other noticeable symptoms.

I’m now halfway back on track, I’ve been walking a lot often carrying heavy shopping and going the long way round – and meeting other people doing exactly the same thing. Next jobs are to do some lifting with the boxes in the garage, and return to gardening.

Another significant thing which is new this year, since I started adding more healthy saturated fats like butter and especially cheese, is that my knuckles have survived even the prolonged cold period without drying out and cracking. I blame the better sources of fat and the contents including Vitamin D3 and probably K2 – this has been observed by many others.

Usually I get through between a tube and a tub of Lotil each winter healing the damn things up. This year I used it once – I got a kind of jagged paper cut, probably from ice when clearing snow off the car, which first became infected (I applied a couple of smears of antibiotic ointment) then refused to seal properly. I think I used the Lotil twice.

Would that everyone else had been so fortunate this winter, strangely after the weather improved was when everyone became ill.

My 105 year old neighbour was rushed into hospital after a fall, but fortunately the injury was fairly trivial, just to her scalp which produced a frightening amount of blood. BTDT, once I caught my head on the car’s tailgate – the cut was so small it didn’t even need a plaster, but the amount of blood that poured down my face made me look like I’d gone six rounds with a velociraptor. You wouldn’t believe that a scalp could contain more blood than the whole of the rest of the body, but so it appears.

My 83 year old neighbour with diabetes and leukemia was also rushed in with a kidney infection (hmmm, about the same time my kidneys were playing up), and a few other local characters have also been hospitalised.

Mostly they are in their eighties and nineties and previously active (there’s a BIG hint there, it’s well worth finding out what such people eat and do to maintain such good health for so long). Sadly a friend’s mother just died from cancer – she was younger than me. 😦

The snow’s back today but at least the sun is shining so I think I have the energy for another post.


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  1. Nicky said, on February 13, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Glad you’re feeling better, Trink…

    • trinkwasser said, on February 14, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      Something else I forgot to mention, despite the ongoing cold weather I haven’t been overreacting to it. I used to have a delayed response to temperature changes – go from hot to cold and I’d be shivering for five minutes, go from cold to hot and I’d burst out in a sweat.

      This also no longer seems to occur. Despite the longest coldest winter since 1962/3, which you won’t remember.

      I was reading some of your posts elsewhere: perhaps you could point out to the eejit (who was once sensible) who thinks we should put our A1c up to 7.5 that there’s an ongoing experiment to do just this, and not only in diabetics – it’s called a Heart Healthy Diet.

      And in response to this

      Diet and exercise has been a priority for many many years. The message is out there. What should move to the top of the list is dealing with runaway patient non-compliance. There is not a man, woman, or child who isn’t aware of the constant message that people should eat a healthy balanced diet, not junk, and include plenty of exercise into their lifestyle. But, unfortunately, they CHOOSE not to do so. Why not focus on why that is happening? Quit trying to blame everyone else for the lack of discipline of the people.

      The actual problem is that people ARE following the recommended diet, just look at food consumption data. The more they reduce consumption of sat fats and replace them with “healthy” grains and Omega 6 seed oils the worse the “epidemics” of obesity and cardiovascular disease including Type 2.

      I’ve been working (slowly) on a post on this subject, but now I must powerwalk to the supermarket and back and then hit some heavy duty spring cleaning while I have some energy.

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