The Hypocritic Oath


Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on January 16, 2010

It’s all Alan’s fault!

He wrote an excellent post on lipids and statins which contained some excellent references.

The references contained further excellent references, which I followed up, along with a whole bunch of papers I’d already downloaded from Hyperlipid, Whole Health Source and elsewhere.

When I got to the stage where I was hitting the same references several times from different directions, I decided my job was done.

Then I upgraded Firefox and lost the sodding lot! Again!

Around the same time my brain imploded, partly through an overdose of biochemistry and partly because my SAD (aka hibernation) caught up with me.

This is one of those annoying conditions, some years it’s relatively mild, sometimes it starts up around September or even August when the daylength becomes noticeably shorter. Sometimes it responds to tweaking my venlafaxine dose upwards, sometimes downwards. Sometimes I can give my neurotransmitters enough of a kicking that they reset, other times I more or less have to wait for February.

This year (OK last year) I was optimistic that BG control and supplemental Vitamin D3 was keeping it at bay, I kept functional until half way through November then crashed and burned. The snow didn’t help any – we had deep long lasting snow from mid December until a few days ago. It came as little consolation that I was not the only person to be affected – or the only species: until the snows finished them off I still had roses, cosmos, nicotianas and other summer flowers in bloom, and a viburnum which shouldn’t flower until May burst into blossom. Even my car died (flat battery). I know just how it felt.

Now in addition to catching up on this blog (and the others I’ve not been reading) I have about three months gardening to do in a couple of weeks before the spring bulbs start to flower.

Long term this was not such a bad thing: since I wasn’t doing much, and had been driving downtown rather than walking in order to take mother, it’s served to give me a data point as to the effect of exercise (or rather lack of it) on my last test results.

A1c went up from my usual 5.6 to 5.8. HDL stayed at 1.4 (55) but LDL went up from 2.4 (94) to 2.6 (101) and trigs went up from 0.7 (62) to 1.4 (124)

Apart from the lack of exercise I had one or two meals which blew my BG – one in the sort of pub where the food would be considered really excellent by any dietician had me at 9.7 (175). I don’t normally eat in places where I can’t select my own menu, but this was another experiment demonstrating that my numbers are controlled rather than cured, and the effect of a “Healthy” Diet can undo the good rather quickly.

Add in some excess 85% chocolate and probably overdoing the fruit a bit – a long strawberry season and some excellent russets and coxes were probably also part of my downfall.

For my last tests I trialled dropping my statin. Depending which labs you look at my HDL either went up to 1.5 (59) or dropped to 1.2 (47), my LDL shot up to 4.0 (156) and my trigs to 1.3 (115) so the statin obviously has some benefits for me and I restarted it.

So I now have numbers for diet plus exercise plus statin, diet and exercise alone and diet and statin alone, all of which were a major improvement on the high carb low fat diet I was previously put on, with or without the statin. So no surprise there then.

This year’s resolution – to beat last year’s numbers.


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