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Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on November 5, 2009

Yesterday I got up around 11. Breakfast was a couple of oatcakes buttered and stuffed with smoked salmon, with a large handful of salad and a couple of olives: the balance of high protein, moderate fat and low carbs works well at breakfast.

Aftetr recaffeinating myself and reading a few papers I made a dash down to the bank and a couple of shops (I cheated and went half way by car), made a bunch of phone calls and assembled some new disks into caddies, then put a couple of old disks into new caddies and then into the fridge.

DON’T LAUGH! This was recommended by a disk recovery expert to try prior to using his extremely expensive services. One was a Seagate whose bearing was overheating (not uncommon, I don’t know if more recent ones have overcome this). Curiously the other was a Samsung: these were previously reliable. I’m not sure if there isn’t a problem with the PSU to the external drive box. The problem is that I backed up most of the Seagate onto the Samsung. And although most of the content is backups I need to pull off the stuff that isn’t and put it onto a Hitachi.

I can’t stress enough the importance of BACKUPS. Got that? Backup your backups, it could happen to you! I like disks in external E-SATA/USB enclosures because they will go on any computer and can also be used for transferring files faster than over the network, and keeping backup copies.

Anyway by then mother was pining to go out, so we went for a drive around looking at the autumn colours in the trees and hedges and the fresh green of the growing crops.

I didn’t want to spend too long as I had a big delivery coming tomorrow and needed to clear some space in the garage and chuck a load of empty boxes (recycling day). As we turned into the lane I saw the delivery truck: they’d arrived a day early and wanted to know if they could tip straightaway.

They helped me shift some stuff, mainly empty boxes, and had coffee while I swept the dead spiders and other crud out of the garage. Then I had another oatcake slathered with butter and topped with Wensleydale. This was the first thing I’d eaten since breakfast – it was now after 3 pm. Then we set to work and unloaded several tonnes of boxes. I never even broke sweat, and without testing I could tell my BG was unaffected.

I now have all my books and magazines out of store, and a bunch of nice heavy boxes for lifting. I like lifting, you can do a lot of work in a short time and it is beneficial to muscle development and reducing insulin resistance, and for some reason it’s much easier when there’s an end result rather than when it’s exercise for its own sake. I need something like this to do as the garden has gone crazy and refused to shut down – I have roses still in flower, cosmos about six feet tall still covered in bloom, candytuft springing up everywhere and leaves on many of the bushes I’m waiting to drop before I prune them and renovate the flower beds underneath. Also I haven’t been walking as much as I usually do due to mother’s age and infirmity – she can no longer come and I get paranoid about leaving her for too long.

We ate about six pm – steak and kidney pie without the pie – mother casseroled a pig’s kidney, a bunch of steak, carrots, onions and peppers served with lashings of purple sprouting and followed by a few strawberries. Oh I also had a small slice of brown bread – I try to avoid wheat but she gets all paranoid – and washed it down with some Bordeaux. Followed by a square of 85% chocolate and more coffee.

After a while I went and crashed out for a couple of hours, then worked into the night mainly watching TV programmes I’d recorded – including a sort of restrospective concert by Georgie Fame featuring such luminaries as Guy Barker, Alan Skidmore and Rico Rodriguez, and another concert by Van The Man (Morrison) featuring Georgie Fame – and running backups.

Around Midnight I had another meal similar to breakfast, then around 2 am mother got up unable to sleep with a pain in her toe, which I helped her soak in a bowl of water. Initially I thought it may be repairs from the podiatrist but she soaked the bandage off which caused some relief, and this morning it was obviously an attack of gout.

We risked the kidneys because she hadn’t had gout for about a year. Obviously not a good plan: pity because I’m very fond of kidneys. and liver, but don’t want to annoy her by scoffing them in front of her.

After that I had yet another oatcake with a big hunk of Emmental and went back to bed.

So that’s around 30 carbs from the oatcakes, maybe 20 from the bread, plus whatever was in the veggies and strawberries and chocolate (not a lot in the latter).

The point of this? On my original high carb moderate fat diet I would have needed to carb up for such unexpected exertion. On the dietician’s low fat high carb diet I would have had to carb up before, during and after and would still have been knackered due to the rapid rises and drops in BG and the ensuing insulin resistance. On what I’m eating now it hardly phased me at all.

Here are some samples of what else I’ve eaten this week: my breakfasts are basically similar but include other fish (and other brands of smoked salmon) or bacon, or sometimes lamb chops, with some combination of salad usually including watercress and often also olives and/or toasted sunfolower seeds.

Evening meals have included (unsmoked) salmon with spinach, stir fry including crab with bacon, coloured peppers, garlic, lime juice and quinoa, and chili con carne made from base ingredients which which I risked a small helping of rice.

Nocturnal meals have included prawn curry with cashew nuts, chillies, ginger and more garlic, chicken fried in coconut oil and encrusted with coconut powder, ground almonds and sesame seeds (and garlic!).

Snacks have included . . . well I don’t need to snack very often but sometimes have an oatcake with some form of cheese, or goat cheese with blueberries, or nuts, or 85% chocolate in a low dose.

I try to ring the changes so I’m eating a lot of different stuff (there’s a pheasant in the freezer and due to mother’s gout tonight will probably be something relatively bland) and to be honest I dont find it at all difficult to eat anatomically correct portions of carbs, fat, protein and assorted veggies such that my BG excursions are minimised, my lipids are normalised and my energy levels stay up.

Here’s Patti’s take on the same dietary issues.


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