The Hypocritic Oath

Now I’m Embarrassed!

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on October 20, 2009

Jimmy Moore just listed my blog, along with a  whole bunch of other ones, only some of which I previously knew. There looks to be some excellent resources on there.

I’m already spending so much time reading that I haven’t been doing any writing for a while. Just goes to show how much valuable information is there to be found.

Time to get my ass in gear. I have a few posts I was sitting on until I’ve finished reading some papers. I’ll see if I can finish at least one of them. Well, after I’ve walked to the shops and back and stocked up on meat, fish and veggies.

Today I was supposed to be taking mother to the hospital. The letter cancelling her appointment arrived just before we were due to set off. If the postman had been half an hour later we’d have driven for an hour, wasted our money in the hospital car park and driven back home again for nothing. Plus she may have pooped herself in the car. To say I am annoyed is typical British understatement. Particularly since until recently we have had an excellent relationship with our current doctors ( for a pleasant change from some of the previous incumbents). They have been doing the best they can under circumstances dictated by accountants: I spot yet another manipulation of waiting lists without any patient care actually being provided. Now I have to see if I can keep her alive for another month.


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