The Hypocritic Oath


Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on October 1, 2009

Michael Eades has a new book out.

Personally I’m putting it on my “might buy later” list. On the one hand I don’t tend to gain weight easily. On the other hand, when I do it always goes on around the middle. Last year I ploughed virtuously through the holiday season without putting on a pound – then suddenly gained some weight around January/February, and dropped it about as fast as I’d put it on.

If you’re more prone to doing this it might prove to be a good read.

Meanwhile he was interviewed on Tim Ferriss’ blog

which led to a fair bit of conflict

The best thing that came out of that thread IMO was a link to the transcript of an old BBC Horizon programme about the Atkins diet

Here you can see the epiphany of Eric Westman, one of the current leading researchers in nutrition and metabolism, and Gary Foster. Mary Vernon also makes an appearance.

As the transcript reveals, both Westman and Foster were initially cynical but had the cojones to actually run trials AND believe their results. The result, as they say, is history: Duke University is one of the leading centres for 21st Century  dietary research.

I wonder if the BBC would be permitted to make such a controversial programme today?


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