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The Food Police Are Coming

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on September 20, 2009

To close down a blog near to you.

As if this wasn’t disconcerting enough

Healthy food obsession sparks rise in new eating disorder

now comes this

Call to get tough on eating sites

Colour me cynical about “psychiatric” explanations for eating disorders, and many other disorders. I have (or perhaps I should say “had” because knowledge has advanced hugely) a degree in Psychology. In my day everything was “nurture” rather than “nature”, so I guess many people who have reached the top of the profession were similarly trained. This appeared to make little sense even then, I saw not a few babies pop out with many behavioural characteristics seemingly hardwired in, and things like twin studies where the twins were separated at birth and brought up differently have shown some purely freaky patterns.

So I incline to the belief that there may well be physiological reasons for some (probably not all) “eating disorders” which need to be looked into first. The metabolic pathway from food to ATP at the mitochondria is hugely complex and there are plenty of steps where things can go pear shaped.

The current standard dietary advice seems to be making more than a few of these metabolic steps go pear shaped in a large proportion of the population. “Eating disorders” seem to be increasing in parallel to many of the other “diseases of civilisation”.

From a purely psychiatric point of view, NOT following conventional advice becomes a “disorder” in itself, despite that it is worsening health in general: having beliefs or behaviours that differ from those of your social contemporaries can be seen as a personality disorder (completely ignoring the fact that they may be perfectly conventional views in a different society elsewhere in the world, or may actually genuinely be better than those of Conventional Wisdom).

I’d like to see a psychiatric explanation for giving diabetics a diet guaranteed to worsen their condition. Same for the obese, cardiovascular patients, etc. etc.

I like synchronicity: having just read that BBC story I then read Stephan’s blog

I previously had a theory that the dogmatic and often aggressive approach of high carbers in imposing their dietary choices on others and disrupting discussion of alternatives was a function of the high carb load in itself. Now I wonder if it’s the Omega 6 consumption that sets them off. The following series of posts on Omega 6 and Omega 3 are fascinating, rebalancing the ratio and adding more Omega 3s to a level which we (probably) evolved to handle rather than the totally unbalanced quantities of the Heart Healthy Diet has positive effects on not a few “mental” illneses along with the “physical” ones.

Next time your dietician tries to kill you, smile and offer her some fish.

You think she’s NOT trying to kill you? These were my original lipids

HDL 0.63 (24.6) LDL 4.22 (165) trigs 4.29 (380)

This what was happened when I followed a high carb low fat diet

HDL 0.66 (25) LDL 5.16 (201) trigs 3.70 (328)

Here they are after doing the opposite of what I was told

HDL 1.40 (55) LDL 2.40 (94) trigs 0.70 (62)

If you recalculate that LDL according to the Iranian Formula it drops to 1.97 (76) which brings me perilously close to William Davis’ 60 – 60 – 60.

Admittedly I am taking 10mg Simvastatin to achieve that.

Stephan posted his own numbers which are quite astonishing – but the pattern of improvement is not at all uncommon.

I learned how to do this from people on newsgroups, forums and blogs, which is why I’m here passing on what I’ve learned and links to the original sources.

Make the most of it before such blogs also fall prey to the Food Police and Conventional Wisdom and we are no longer permitted access to other than Official Sources.


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  1. Nicky said, on October 5, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    Trink, did you catch the studies on twins that the BBC were running last week? – one showed a very interesting pattern in clusters of responses from identical as opposed to fraternal twins, including one pair of identical girls struggling to overcome anorexia in one and clinical depression in the other. There were also more cheerful clusters – the pair of doctors claiming that the other one was more competitive were very funny 😛 Worth catching on iPlayer, if you hurry – I think it was from last Wednesday and Thursday.

    • trinkwasser said, on October 5, 2009 at 10:16 pm

      Oh yes, saw them. Twin studies can be freaky! I’ve read anecdotes of separated twins simultaneously buying the same make and colour of car, marrying people with the same name etc.

      The ones that got to me were the pair of guys, one of whom lived in Northern England, lived on pie and chips, smoked and did naff all exercise, and not unsurpisingly had cardiovascular disease.

      His doctor recommended he contact the other twin, who lived in New Zealand, ate a Healthy Diet˜, exercised etc. and was gobsmacked to find he had exactly the same disease.

      In retrospect I suppose this wasn’t too surprising, if you subscribe to my theory that a Heart Healthy diet consists of slightly less crap than a diet of total crap: the impact on the genes would be highly similar and thus the results would be similar.

      I have a post brewing on genes and epigenetics etc.

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