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The Wheat Is In Custody But The Soy Done It

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on September 18, 2009

My sort-of long term theory is that we carry a lot of genes which evolved to be used in emergencies, when they are adaptive. However environmental conditions now exist which switch on these genes and leave them chronically active. Not everyone in the population carries the same gene set, so the same environmental insult may have different effects on different individuals. The fact that certain families have lines and clusters of some but not other diseases is not uncommon.

I just read this post on lectins and the following posts on Stephan’s blog, and the paper which he quotes. Also one from Peter on Wheat Germ Agglutinin.

Most of the evidence relates to insulin resistance, and leptin/resistance, which are connected to Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2.

Jenny just came up with something linking wheat to Type 1.

Until now my theory has been that wheat itself has been bred to be more toxic, maybe as a result of increasing disease resistance.

Her point on Soy is well made. I will assume the same process has occurred and that soy has also been bred to be more disease-resistant as it has become a major western crop (in the US not the UK, also in South America). As far as I know most current soy is GM, and one of its major markets apart from human food is animal fodder, so it’s very plausible that even if you avoid soy you will be hit by its lectins in the tissue of intensively fed animals. It’s imported into the UK in quantity.

Some research shows that there may be synergystic effects between environmental contaminants, like pesticides, which have only been tested singly and found to be “safe”. This makes me wonder whether there may be similar synergystic effects between soy lectins and wheat lectins.

The connection to Type 1 (and possibly other autoimmune diseases) is interesting: while Type 2 is far more prevalent than Type 1 (and even more so if you start to count “diabetes” from when glucose control starts to go downhill rather than waiting until pancreatic destruction has reached the point of no return), the actual rate of increase of Type 1 is faster.

Some authorities have tried to suggest that the two diseases are in fact one, but this doesn’t really fly. As far as I remember (I’d need to dig out the papers) while some of the inflammatory cytokines which carry off the beta cells are common, like TNF-alpha and Interleukin-6, which are both factors in most types of inflammation, other cytokines differ significantly.

However it makes sense that there may be a common factor behind the increases of autoimmune conditions, allergic conditions including asthma, and other diseases where inflammatory attack is part of the process, since all of these “diseases of civilisation” show recent increases in incidence.

It probably makes even more sense that there are a bunch of common factors interracting.

No I’m not going to let the wheat off the hook, in fact I may charge it and the soy with conspiracy.


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