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Are We Not Men? No We Are APO

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on September 11, 2009

Two of my favourite takedowns of a recent “study” designed to scare the population back onto their Heart Healthy carbs a bit quick – and apparently it had that effect on one of the researchers.

It seems what they did was to develop a genetic mutant mouse designed to develop cardiovascular disease and then hit it with a whole bunch of fat (mice eat carbs, people don’t, which is probably why researchers feed fat to the mice and carbs to the humans, but I digress).

It did exactly what it was engineered to do and developed cardiovascular disease.

Here’s Peter’s version

Here’s Michael Eades

John Briffa just had a go also.

Hey, I’m also a genetic mutant, and proud of it. It runs in the family, you know. I ever so slightly suspect that my particular mutation is much commoner in the human population than this mouse genotype is within the mouse population, after all our Government has decided that 30% of the population shall become diabetic, and that’s exactly what was happening to me until I saw dietary sense.


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  1. getfatgetthin said, on September 13, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Trinkwasser, I am so pleased you have placed a link elsewhere that leads back to yourself. An excellent, brief and succinct blog; especially in the way you taqlk about feeding fats to mice and carbs to humans.

    “Government has decided that 30% of the population shall become diabetic.” I’m in agreement that matters are heading that way though I beg to differ about it being a ‘decision’.
    I see two things here as being most important. One, commercial interests and big business have the lobbying power to divert the gaze of politicians and hoodwink them with ‘science’. And two, the icreasing complexity, depth, and specialisation of knowledge, while helpful upon many levels brings with it its’ own limitations. The welath and complexity of the pool of human knowledge creates an ‘information economy’ in which we cannot be experts at everything. This disenfranchises sections of populations from sections of knowledge. As examples I quote the automobile and computing. Few people get their hands oily these days because cars are generally more reliable but infinately more complex to repair when they go wrong. Folks have lost the ability. Computing is fine if you want to use your computer as dictated by microsoft but if you want to take on some skills of a power user with command over the nuts and bolts then terminology, sub OS level non GUI commands, and geeky jargon, are obstacles and a disincentive to bother.
    The problem with the information economy does not just effect consumers and proletariat, on occasions I feel even experts are partly fooled or disenfranchised too.
    Nowhere is this more apparent that with what ought to be a flagship regulator, the FSA.
    Here is an instance of a regulator whose capacity for efficacy is seveverely limited by the nature and influence of its’ chosen liaisons. While it professes to hold science in the highest esteem any such aspiration is perverted by the politics of those liaisons. Worse, our elected politicians lack the knowledge and insight to recognise what is going on. I find it frustrating that the Obama debate over US social provsion of healthcare considers only the nature of funding. Our system is sociologically sound but is no less economically doomed to failure unless it becomes more widely appreciated that a sizeable chunk of conditions, the symptoms of which are costly to treat, could be effectively and expediently managed by addressing causality.
    Back to diabetes and a resolution of my diatribe. In 2007; 100,000 new diagnoses. In 2008; 150,000. The fag-packet calculation is that in the period 2009-2015 7 MILLION new cases of diabetes will be diagnosed. Imagine the pharma and prescription bill for that. I have emailed Wadge privately on this. I think 2009 is on course for 230,000 new diagnoses. I can’t wait for the news.

    Still, maybe there is some optimism in ‘the appliance of science’. In passing I chanced upon the current Flora TV ad and it talks about a ‘unique blend of omega oils.’ I think this may be partly a direction following the challenge by agent 3244 and also by the timing of Mente. You see, Floras planned campaign was result of ‘liaisons’ and they were (implied) contracted to promote the FSA anti-sat fat campaign. Mente spoiled the party. The ad is partially correct in registering the importance of the EFA balance but is nutritionally unbalanced in the presentation. It needs to be pulled by the ASA who no doubt look to the FSA for clarification upon the nutritional issues.
    Mente does indeed give mention to oils but Mente also gives reason to dispense with any pre-conceptions of singularity in realation to cause and effect. Mente is good reason to consider plurality and that renders health claims out of reach of a short TV ad. I have aspirations that this may be a landmark moment. They are on the back foot.

    More generally I am interested in exchanging ideas. can you see an email?

  2. trinkwasser said, on September 13, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Yes you’re undoubtedly right, I wouldn’t trust this lot (OR the other lot) to be capable of a successful conspiracy! However I certainly would consider certain Leaders Of Industry to be capable of plotting such a thing and the government to go along with it, after all they know which side of their low carb bread is buttered. Er. margarined.

    You’re dead right about cars, I need to change my air filter, with all the harvest and cultivation dust it doesn’t last the year between services and my fuel consumption drops off. Time was when you opened the bonnet and plonked in a new one. Now I have to disintegrate half the front of the car just to find where it lives and probably find some weird screwdriver head to remove it, then make sure I haven’t disturbed any of the computer connections when I replace it. At least here we have a couple of honest garages but it still bugs me when they make easy stuff hard for profit.

    “It begins with a blessing
    And it ends with a curse
    Making life easy
    By making it worse”

    Kevin Ayers/Soft Machine c. 1968

    “It’s supposed to be automatic but actually you have to press this button”

    John Brunner c. 1971

    Here, I thought it was Peter at Hyperlipid

    a couple of posts about how memes take on a life of their own, you’d probably agree with his take on the Low Fat Meme.

    I have a couple more posts fermenting on much the same point you make: it may not be a plot but it’s undoubtedly a pattern.

    Feel free to jump in. Yes I have your email, may take a while before I reply though: don’t take it personally, it takes a while for me to do anything nowadays . . . I saw a couple of posts on Mark’s Daily Apple that also look relevant which I haven’t yet read either. So many blogs and papers, so little time . . .

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