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Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on September 2, 2009

You may be wondering why this blog is not terribly well organised, with half-finished bits here and there.

The simple answer is that my entire life is like that.

I have subclinical ADD (ie. definite symptoms but not enough to be diagnosed with a separate condition alongside the depression).

Symptoms are hugely improved, like the depression, in part from nailing my BG and insulin levels and probably also from eating lots of saturated and especially Omega 3 fats, and maybe also vitamin D, but I still tend to get distracted easily, and I also get “stuck” on things and hyperfocus to the exclusion of all else.

So, I had a job I was putting off for a while. It was for a friend and involved scanning a couple of old photos, one a black and white print on textured paper, and the other a postcard size print which had faded. He wanted them blown up to A2.

Now those guys in CSI could do it simply by waving their hands in the general direction of a room-sized set of transparent screens, but the Real World isn’t like that.

A while back I’d installed an elderly freebie version of a Corel program. I don’t know if that was what caused it, but the up to date version of Corel Draw/Photopaint I generally use started to crap out.

I went digital a while back with a Canon 5D Mk 2 which is an astonishingly excellent piece of kit, and have mostly been using Canon’s own software which works on the RAW files and can do everything to produce prints on my Epson 3800 except for the subtle stuff I don’t often need as the camera’s output is so good.

Also the entire computer was overdue for a format and reinstall. Although since SP2 I’ve found Windows XP to be pretty competent and stable I still like to clean it out every year or so, so I thought I’d leave fixing Corel until I fixed the whole box. Which meant collecting all the updates for everything. Oh dear, I am not good at long sequences of things, I get distracted half way through.

When I bought my previous (film) camera I bought three Sigma lenses as they were not that far behind Canon quality and considerably cheaper. A long time back one of them died – the aperture no longer stopped down, which I didn’t discover until I’d put a whole bunch of films through it. I replaced it with a Canon 70 – 200 f4 L IS which is astonishingly good and not as heavy as the f2.8 version.

A week or so back exactly the same thing happened to another of the Sigmas. Only this time I could actually see it happen in real time. This one I replaced with a Canon 24 – 70 f2.8 L, which is a big heavy bastard but the quality is truly alarming.

So now I had two reasons to fire up the printer and get Corel reinstalled.

Bang! That was the lightbulb blowing. Now when those pesky low energy bulbs blow they take out the entire lighting circuit, so I had to grovel around in the dark until I remembered where I put the replacements, then grovel around in the cupboard finding the reset switch on the right circuit breaker.

So I got Corel reinstalled and discovered one of my scanners had disappeared. I reinstalled that too and I was in business.

The first print I did was a grab shot of a dahlia in a cottage garden, and it was so gobsmackingly excellent I had to stop and look at it, first with my glasses on and then with them off again, several times. Then I ran off a second copy for my friend.

His black and white print turned out better than I’d hoped, it had a real period feel about it.

The colour print didn’t really meet my standards though, I am something of a perfectionist. Over time the dyes had faded somewhat and I had to do a lot of tinkering and still wasn’t terribly satisfied, there was a pesky magenta cast which I couldn’t totally eliminate without worsening the other colours. Also due to the small size I couldn’t add detail that wasn’t actually there. I did the best I could but by then I’d been working half the night.

He dropped by to collect the results the following day. He was happier with them than I’d expected, which was a relief. He’s an excellent photographer and I was relived he’d had exactly the same problem with the old print, which is why he’d given the job to me. While we were chatting, mother (who is nearly 94) escaped. I thought she was going for a walk up the road and back but I couldn’t see her anywhere. It turned out she was feeling so good she decided to go in the opposite direction and walk right round the block. I found her eventually, by which time it was getting late for my shopping trip downtown, especially since I’d stopped to chat with a couple of neighbours, and since it looked like it might rain (it didn’t) I forewent my usual walk and took the car. I actually remembered to take my wallet, and my shopping list, and buy the things I hadn’t written down. Not all those statements are necessarily always true.

By then though, the list of things I hadn’t done was longer than the list of things I had. I managed to cook dinner and water the garden then went and crashed out for a bit.

A lot of my days turn out a bit like that, just with different events. Everything gets done eventually, just not in the right order, and when I’m on song I can do several things simultaneously.

Good God, is that the time???


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