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Never Trust A Journalist

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 31, 2009

Nice post from Michael Eades breaking down the way “medical” articles are written for non-medical magazines.

In many cases the reason for the article becomes obvious when you look at the adverts on nearby pages: it is an “infomercial”. Most magazines exist on advertising revenue.

Sometimes the reason is less immediately obvious: this is true of the many similar soundbyte articles on the many “talk down to the thickies” medical sites.

Here’s another of Michael Eades recent posts, a timely review of an even more timely book. It sounds like I will have to add this one to my ever growing pile of books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, it sounds like Lierre Keith has made an excellent (though inevitably not complete) job of tying a lot of information together into a coherent whole.

I say “timely” because here in the UK there seems to be yet another major push on to replace healthy food with low-fat high carb manufactured foodlike substances. The FDA have decided that since reducing saturated fat has worsened rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes this is obviously because they have not reduced it enough.

After I wrote of the Countryfile programme, where someone the size of a bungalow was pushing vegetarianism on a healthy looking meat eater (I would LOVE to have seen her lipids, and BP, and BG) someone pointed out there seems to have been a major increase in TV adverts for cereals and other “low fat” foods.

Now I no longer suffer from ads, I have a Topfield and almost never watch live TV, but on forcing myself to pay attention I think he’s right.

Two more data points came in from two different sources which make this all look more like a plot.

One was from a neighbour: I was photographing him combining his wheat and he was spitting feathers because he had just been offered £75/tonne for the wheat which had cost him around £125/tonne to grow.

The other came from a BBC News article where UK agribusiness was busy buying up huge parts of the Ukraine to grow wheat. Although it sounded like their yields were about half what a competent UK farmer can produce here, obviously the costs would be down. And the area involved was huge, akin to the total land area of the UK.

So here you go, a glut of cheap wheat in search of consumers. A bunch of highly profitable foodlike substance manufacturers seeking to further increase their profits through buying even cheaper and NOT selling any cheaper.

Bugger the poor farmers, they can go out of business, following their dairy brethren.

And especially bugger the health of the nation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a journalist putting some of these pieces together, following Lierre Keith’s lead, rather than just manufacturing more puff pieces about the dire consequences of eating a truly healthy diet? (Or in this case catching some rays – when did the sun become so deadly huh? soon after the Hole In The Ozone Layer I suspect, maybe they shouldn’t have done that)

Uh-oh, here come some more coincidences

how about his for a diabetic diet from the ADA? Look ma no fats!

Two patients reports of a doctor and a dietician trying to worsen their diabetic control

Anti-American feelings…

NHS Dietition advice No thanks!

The more of this stuff I read the more I am convinced They are trying to eliminate all carbohydrate intolerant people from the gene pool.

Man Cannot Live By Carbs Alone – well not most of us, but they’re working on it.

(this post was brought to you by Bramfield Organic Meats, Blythburgh Pork and Anakena Shiraz)

heh heh


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