The Hypocritic Oath

Two Views Of The Diet Heart Hypothesis

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 28, 2009

This is pretty much the mainstream view.

There are a whole bunch of supporting references which I haven’t looked at yet, but I predict they will mostly find that eating high levels of saturated fat in the presence of toxic levels of carbs is an even worse plan than eating the carbs with more carbs.

The diet–heart hypothesis: a critique

A balanced appraisal of the diet–heart hypothesis must recognize the unintended and unanticipated role that the LF-HCarb diet may well have played in the current epidemic of obesity, abnormal lipid patterns, type II diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. Defense of the LF-HCarb diet, because it conforms to current traditional dietary recommendations, by appealing to the authority of its prestigious medical and institutional sponsors or by ignoring an increasingly critical medical literature, is no longer tenable. The categoric rejection of experience and an increasingly favorable medical literature, though still not conclusive, which suggests that the much-maligned LCarb-HP diet may have a favorable impact on obesity, lipid patterns, type II diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome, is also no longer tenable.

That’s pretty much the point: IF heart disease was caused by saturated fat then it would have been rapidly cured by the low fat mania. Has this happened? Only a moron would believe so. Here’s one.

Yes they are now having yet another push to decrease fat consumption, since obviously the reason this has not worked is because people have not decreased their fat consumption enough, or they are all lying about it.

I suspect the real reason lies elsewhere: follow the money.

My neighbour was recently offered £75/tonne for wheat which cost him £125/tonne to grow. Meanwhile bread is £2 180/tonne.

So eat up your carbs yum yum! Put the economy back on its feet, put those pesky farmers out of business, give all your money to Kelloggs and General Mills so they can invest in Diabetes UK who will tell you to eat even more cereals. You Know It Makes Sense.


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