The Hypocritic Oath

Are You A Weed?

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 28, 2009

Thanks to Jenny for this one

Another Cause of Diabetes? Weed Killer in Many Water Supplies Damages Mitochondria and Produces IR

I had a brain wave that this might be one reason for the apparent increase in toxicity of wheat. Seems not


No longer used much in the UK (though bear in mind much of our bread wheat is imported from areas it is used, though not directly on the wheat crop itself).

Of course there may be other similar chemicals with similar effects that have not yet been studied, or not with chronic low dose exposure, and there may be synergystic effects with low chronic doses of several different pesticides together, and maybe even a synergystic effect with the increased lectin levels and different proteins in modern wheats, so many factors all increasing alongside the “epidemics” of Type 2, obesity and heart diseaseĀ  may all be playing a part.


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