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A Brief History Of Diabetes Diets

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 28, 2009

Although this paper is now nearly a decade old it’s quite an interesting overview

The diet history – from lines to glycaemic index

BSc Hons Sue Durrant, SRD, DMS

Now look what’s happening


If you want a real fright, read through their Diabetes section

How do foods affect blood sugar levels? The old myth that a sugary snack will cause a dramatic rise, and then a fall, in blood sugar levels has been overturned as researchers find out more about the physiological effects of foods on blood sugar levels.

Funny no-one told my BG meter about this “myth”, it still believes that if I eat too much sugar, too much wheat (even if it is Healthy Whole Grains) or too much starch in general (where too much is a mere fraction of the minimum I was instructed to eat by my dietician) my BG shoots up, and if it shoots up enough, in a couple of hours it drops through the floor.

Of course I’m not supposed to know that as I’m not supposed to be testing my BG at all, and soon (if rumours are correct) all Type 2s in the UK will also be forbidden to test their BG, even the lucky few who are still currently able to get test strips on prescription will have them cancelled.

Expect to see further increases in Type 2 and other cardiovascular diseases related to insulin resistance, and obesity, as a result of wilfully ignoring what was widely known less than a century ago when curiously these diseases were much less common.


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