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Countryfile On Diet

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 25, 2009

This week’s Countryfile contained an article about eating less meat (there’s some more BBC background here).

This was concerned with the amount of methane cows produce and its effect on the environment.

One protagonist was a slim fit looking guy who ate lots of meat.

Unfortunately the anti-meat campaigner was a tub of lard who looked quite unhealthy, off the top of my head apart from the obesity and pasty skin I’d suggest borderline hypothyroid or possibly subclinical Cushing’s.

The meatophile was fed through a doctor who could find very little to complain about, except for slightly raised cholesterol and slightly high LDL. Obviously they did not do anything as sophisticated as measuring particle size and density, and the LDL was probably Friedewaldised anyway. If they had bothered to look they’d almost certainly have found large fluffy healthy particles.

Nevertheless by the end of the programme the poor lad had been persuaded to eat a “balanced” diet and was shown tucking in to a plate of fish with healthy chips and vegetables.

They should revisit him in ten years time and see how much weight he’s put on.

What they SHOULD have done was to ask the extremely cute and fit Julia Bradbury what SHE ate . . .

Meanwhile, in other news, more of the same


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  1. a said, on August 25, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    I saw your posts on Hyperlipid’s Cigarette/Movers article. It’s nice to see a smoker who reads the same health blogs I do. What brand do you smoke? RYO could potentially be better. They lack the flame retartand chemicals of American premades, as well as the cellulose fiber filters. The paleo/high-fat/low-carb/etc. community has started to think that it’s going to live forever. We all die. Paul Newman died at 80 from lung cancer–that doesn’t sound bad at all. 80 is old. Now if smoking starts to make me feel shitty right now, I might think about stopping. But what about smoking cessation and the onset of lung cancer–seem to be highly correlated. Some of the anti-smoking claims have become ridiculous. Apparently dose has nothing to do with the effects.

  2. trinkwasser said, on August 25, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    It’s not that good but just as all “legal” drugs have downsides and all “illegal” drugs have up sides, so “dangerous” drugs like nicotine also have benefits, it’s one of the only viable treatments for ulcerative colitis (though it worsens Crohn’s disease).

    It’s plausible that if I hadn’t been so damaged by years of undiagnosed diabetes/reactive hypoglycemia my neurotransmitters wouldn’t be in such a state. As it is my Amberleaf habit washed down with coffee neatly trims the effect of my venlafaxine – which I was able to reduce from 225 mg to 37.5 mg through BG control – it’s all a compromise trying to maintain a disrupted endocrine system.

    I’m no longer interested in increasing the length of my life, just the quality of my remaining years. Gosh, I have even returned to taking my statin! I’d rather live up to the end and go quick of a heart attack than linger, I’ve seen the alternative and it’s not pretty!

    Of course I’d rather go back fifty years and get properly diagnosed in the first place, but that’s no longer on the cards: I’ve given up smoking in the past and restarted (I find it severely addictive), if I was younger and had a better future I might think differently, and I’d definitely think again if the disbenefits started to outweigh the benefits (COPD isn’t pretty either)

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