The Hypocritic Oath

Diet Wars

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 24, 2009

I’ve just been ploughing through Peter’s Hyperlipid. Some comments to follow, probably, there’s a mass of information there (I’d dipped into it before but never read it end to end) and a whole bunch of useful papers I’ve downloaded, some of which are still in a whole bunch of tabs waiting for me to read them.

Now all the blogs I’ve listed have numerous dietary principles in common, they basically differ in the detail – as do the more famous diets like Atkins, Bernstein, etc.

There’s a great deal of fighting in some places as to the superiority or otherwise of one approach or another, which reminds me all too horribly of religion. You not only have the major religions trying to eliminate each other but you have subsets of effectively the same religion, different groups of Muslims at one another’s throats, different branches of Christianity all preaching that they alone possess The Truth.

In general, low carbers of whatever ilk seem to be less aggressive and dogmatic than high carbers, which is probably not that surprising. Many diabetes forums and newsgroups are constantly disrupted by one or a few high carb individuals, in some cases not even diabetic, who have Come To Save You. And they don’t stop, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the superiority of other approaches.

IMO there is a lot of genetic variability in tolerance to different macronutrient ratios. For example some people, like me, are able to handle saturated fats and turn them into HDL rather than LDL. It may well be that some individuals simply don’t have the ability to do this and are better off using monounsaturates. Big deal, the point is that technology exists (BG meters, lipid panels, CRP and other tests) to determine whether what you are eating is working optimally for you (that’s if your Medical Professionals actually permit you to have such tests of course).

Facts kinda short-circuit the dogma. I’m even convinced that a very small percentage of diabetics can actually do well on a high carb diet – presumably they are better able to convert the excess carbs into saturated fat without the major BG and insulin spikes this creates in most of us (although sometimes when I see the resulting lipid panels I’m less convinced).

So where do dieticians fit in? With a few exceptions they are suicide bombers


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