The Hypocritic Oath

Ancel Keys

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 10, 2009

OK, I have put a pound in the swear box.

This is the start of the madness

It would have been a magnificent enterprise, but for one factor: Keys determined that fat would be the danger factor and cherry-picked his data to fit his hypothesis.

It takes me back to the herbalists’ Doctrine Of Signatures: a plant with kidney-shaped leaves must heal the kidneys. Fat must make you fat (unlike in all other species where carbs make them fat, ask any farmer, or any vet since dog and cat food became stuffed with carbs).

The result? Strenuously avoiding fats and replacing them with carbohydrates has increased cardiovascular disease in the rest of the world to US levels.

What happened to him in the end?

What happened to us in the end? There’s some useful information on the Heartstats site for the UK.

Somehow this dietary madness took a hold so strongly that no-one seems to have twigged that we ate saturated fats for millennia and they only became “toxic” when we started to eat masses of grains, and only became more toxic when we also added masses of fructose and Omega 6 “heart healthy” vegetable oils. Which, just like the margarines stuffed with trans fats, and the current alternatives stuffed full of the replacements for trans fats which may well be even more toxic, and the “low fat” alternatives full of sugar, HFCS and processed starch replacing tasty and nutritious components, are all marketed at us to save us from the evil of saturated fats.

Now some folks weren’t taken in, and some were but reversed their position on seeing the reults of this forty year experiment and realising that while saturated fat comsumption has declined, cardiovascular disease including Type 2 has rocketed, as has obesity.

The likes of Gary Taubes have been researching the literature for years

What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie?

The Soft Science of Dietary Fat

which led to his book, The Diet Delusion in the UK, Good Calories Bad Calories elsewhere.

Here thanks to Hyperlipid is some contemporary criticism of Keys, but the likes of Yudkin were pushed aside by the low fat bullshit bulldozer.

Finally such research is coming to the fore in mainstream literature

A Systematic Review of the Evidence Supporting a Causal Link Between Dietary Factors and Coronary Heart Disease

has been commented upon in several places.

It’s even being picked up in the meeja

In only another 40 – 50 years maybe dieticians and other authorities might start to notice.


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