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Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 5, 2009

It seems Roche recently laid on a junket for a carefully chosen collection of diabetes bloggers with an aim to promoting their blogs above others.

Jenny blogged about it, and Manny Hernandez listed the attendees. Don’t seem to be many Type 2s there though, Jenny herself was not considered influential, nor Gretchen  “two blogs” Becker (her other blog is here) who wrote probably the best starter guide “Type 2 Diabetes, The First Year”

Frankly I’d never even heard of some of the attendees. Some of the others I knew but their work was not as relevant to Type 2 as the “nondiabetic” blogs I have shortlisted. David Mendosa is the honorable exception.

Now apparently there is a legal requirement that medical sites in the UK have to be written to be understandable for someone with a reading age of 11. Even Diabetes UK was criticised for being too hard to read.

I wonder if this is the start of a dumbing down and controlling of blogs. There have already been threats of legal action against bloggers, and of course Google has become notorious for flagging certain blogs as “spam” and closing them down, or threatening to.

Look what happened here as a response to a perfectly understandable criticism of DUK’s woeful and dangerous dietary policy. Then it carried on here.

Well quite frankly I would imagine that John Briffa for all his faults actually has diabetic patients with A1cs in the fives. The other dangerous fuckwits don’t – and if they found one they’d probably tell them to stop it immediately. Yet look at the “Awards” his blog has obtained.

It all reminds me a bit of a press release where a certain photographic component was given Award of the Year – in January and before it was even released to the market

Marketing . . .


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