The Hypocritic Oath

Reduce Your Lipids At A Stroke

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on August 3, 2009

LDL Cholesterol Calculator

In the UK you will be lucky to get a Full Lipid Panel at all in many places, this is one of the things that PCTs are refusing to permit. TChol is cheaper though the results are essentially not useful.

Well basically it serves as a measure of Statin Deficiency.

Last time I had some weird test which gave only Total Cholesterol, HDL and a “ratio”.

Now even if you are able to persude your doctor to override your PCT and get you a full lipid panel, the LDL results will almost certainly be calculated from the rest, using the Friedewald Formula.

This is attested to be relatively useful in many cases. Where it falls down is when you have the sort of low triglycerides which are par for the course with a low carb diet: in this case the formula tends to overrestimate LDL.

The Iranian Formula is an attempt to improve on the accuracy of the calculated LDL at lower trigs.

This is only a partial solution though as it was calculated with total cholesterol over 250 (6.4 in UK numbers). Gold Standard would be an NMR Particle Count but you won’t get one of them on the NHS.

It’s a bit interesting though.

DISCLAIMER beware of your typing when using this calculator, I think by failing to clear the fields before typing in the new numbers it crapped out. It’s equally likely I mistryped one of the numbers, I seem to have a lot of extra fingers these days compared to when I started using computers.

The best set of numbers I have so far produced were

HDL 54.6 LDL 93.6 trigs 62

UK numbers: HDL 1.40 LDL 2.40 trigs 0.70)

running this through the recalculator reduces that LDL to 76, which brings me very close to William Davis ideal 60 – 60 – 60 numbers.

In UK terms this relates to 1.54 for HDL and LDL and 0.67 for trigs, I’ve bettered ALL those numbers individually but not in a set from one test.

So purely from the lipids point of view I’ve done my best to meet and exceed the targets for minimal cardiovascular risk. Yeah, yeah, OK I cheated and took a statin, without it the LDL rockets and since I don’t suffer any side effects from simvastatin 10mg (I’ve tried stopping and restarting it and apart from the lipids there’s no noticeable difference in anything else) I’m content to take it as an adjunct to the diet.

Now the Hypocricy here is that i am not supposed to have this test at all. I am supposed to eat a Heart Healthy High Carb Low Fat diet with a statin for dessert and be content with 33 – 74 – 185 (0.85 1.90 1.76) which was the best I could do on that protocol and NOT KNOW how much harm it is doing me.


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