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Diabetes Is A Progressive Condition

Posted in Uncategorized by trinkwasser on July 31, 2009

Mine seems to be progressing very nicely thank you!

Simply by using the following technique

Test Test Test

and modifying my diet accordingly (which means NOT eating toxic quantities of carbs, where toxic is significantly less than the quantity prescribed by my dietician as a minimum) and then tweaking the resulting macronutrient composition, balancing fats especially saturated fats and protein at different times of day and relating them to exercise levels) I have reduced my blood glucose to almost normal levels.

I have lost all the excess weight which I had not put on until after said dietician got a hold of me.

I now have more and more constant energy.

I have doubled my HDL cholesterol.

I have decimated my triglycerides.

I have reduced my blood pressure.

I have eliminated some complications (peripheral neuropathy) and reduced others (autonomic neuropathy) but some still remain. You can’t win ’em all.

But overall as I said I think it is progressing very nicely thank you!

In theory in the past five years I should have gotten significantly worse and would undoubtedly have crossed the threshold from “prediabetes” to “true diabetes” and should be on increased medication rather than none.

I’m going to get around to writing the long version, but meantime don’t assume I am in any way unusual in these improvements.

Take a look at some of the stories here

and here

just for starters.

Anothert majorly interesting site is the ADA Forum. Interesting because while its official  Position Statement gives Medical Nutrition Therapy a maximum of 1 – 2% improvement in A1c (strangely I though this had recently been increased to 1 – 2.9% following a decrease in their recommended carb intake, ah yes I’m right it’s in their updated Standards Of Medical Care ), in their own forums many diabetics using other than the recommended diet (which used to be 55 – 60% carbs and is now an absolute minimum of 135 g/day since John Buse took over) report results of 5 – 8% improvements as routine, and I’ve seen over 10% both here and in other forums.

The internet is full of such success stories. WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING STUDIED?

Hmmm, well who would pay for studies that kill their cash cow? Not the drug manufacturers for sure. Not the carbohydrate pushers in the Food Industry. Strangely not the strip/meter manufacturers although several were approached.

So why haven’t the Diabetes Charities stepped in to finance studies that would greatly improve the health of their members?

Ah, it’s that Cash Cow again (a low fat one, naturally)

Here are some of the backers of the ADA

and Diabetes UK

You will tend to find the same companies turning up again and again as backers of other organisations concerned with health and diet, strange that. You’d almost think that their profits were more important than our health.


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